This is the website with the resume of Nick Nijenhuis, soon there will be a new website called which will be all about the new projects Nick is doing as a self-employed scrum master and agile developer.

The past:
Nick Nijenhuis was a software engineer at QNH and specializes in web applications and Xamarin Forms. Apart from software engineer, Nick was also competence leader agile within QNH, and he was a scrum master / agile development coach at several clients.

The strong features of Nick are his empathy with the customer, working in a team, the ability to
learn, pro-activeness and clear communication. He is good at bridging the gaps between the
functional requirements of a customer and the technical feasibility, this ensures he will consider
several options and advise the customer with multiple options whenever possible. Nick always strives to keep up with new developments and the latest technologies, especially in the
Microsoft field. He is always up for a new challenge, whether this is with or without known

C# .NET (Web, Windows & Xamarin) and Javascript are his main areas of expertise. Due to his interest in, and experience with databases, he also has a good knowledge of SQL.

Nick has worked for BDO Global in a very agile team. A big advantage of this assignment was the international and challenging environment. Before BDO he worked at Roser, through QNH, for clients such as Shell, Total, Bayer, Cofely and other large companies. Before his time at QNH, prior to and during his study Computer Science at Zuyd University of Applied Science (Heerlen), Nick got the chance to obtain a lot of experience in the field of software engineering and participate in several interesting projects.

As competence leader agile for the application development unit of QNH, Nick promotes, encourages and advises in doing agile development and being agile.